Silicone Blender

The Original 3D Silicone Blender

The 3D Silicone Blender is a new and revolutionary silicone-based beauty applicator that was designed for creating high definition looks. The 3D Silicone Blender was developed to make applying product easier! The 3D Silicone Blender is made from an exclusive material that is hypoallergenic, durable, translucent and doesn’t absorb a drop of your product to ensure zero waste. The Silicone Blender's tip allows for extreme precision, getting into the corners of the eye and around the nose allowing for flawless application.

If you wear foundation, you'll might notice how quickly your product gets used up. This is because favourite makeup brush or sponge absorbs nearly half of your foundation, leaving only half of the foundation for your face. The 3D Silicone Blender has a waterproof surface and doesn't absorb any product, leaving nothing wasted. 

Designed for use with primers, foundations, cream blushes, bb/cc cream, concealer, contouring, and much more.

This amazing new product is the currently the hottest item in the beauty industry.