Silicone Blender

The Difference

The 3D Silicone Blender Is Not Another Makeup Sponge!

The 3D Silicone Blender is different than any other make up applicator you have used in the past! Unlike other silicone makeup applicators you may have seen/heard, the Silicone Blender is not meant to be just a silicone version of a make up sponge. The Silicone Blender was developed to be a innovative new make up applicator to let you achieve an airbrushed look and finish!

Say HELLO! to Innovation and Flawless Makeup Application!

 The 3D Silicone Blender has a non-porous, smooth and gently textured, non-tacky surface with just the right firmness. It feels good in your hand and applies your favorite foundation evenly and flawlessly. Other silicone applicators can be tacky or too soft and end up removing more make up from the skin than applying, leading to patchiness and streaking. No thanks! The 3D Silicone Blender's innovative silicone texture designed specifically for flawless applicator and can be used with your favorite primer, liquid/cream/stick foundation, bb/cc cream, cream blush, cushion foundation, contouring cream, and much more!! 

The Most Hygienic Makeup Applicator You've Ever Used!

Developed with engineers and scientists, the 3D Silicone Blender is made of only the highest quality medical grade silicone. This special material is resistant to bacteria, hypo-allergenic, latex-free, and odorless! (Of course it is also vegan and cruelty-free too!) Achieving a flawless makeup application is made even easier by having great skin. The 3D Silicone Blender's unique material properties make it an ideal choice for those wanting great skin since it is so easy to clean! We all know how many germs the average sponge can harbor so why would you want to let a sponge near your face?! That's not a concern with the 3D Silicone Blender though as it is NOT a sponge and cleaning it is so easy! To clean, simply wash with soap and water, or you can even give it a wipe with a make up remover sheet. It's really THAT easy.


Say Goodbye! to Wasting Product!

In addition to all the benefits of the 3D Silicone Blender's unique texture, there is one more thing we should point out! Since it is non-porous, it won't harbor any harmful bacterial, but that also means that it won't absorb any of your expensive product! This results in you using less makeup and saving more money! Win-Win!

The 3D Silicone Blender vs Silisponge

Is the 3D Silicone Blender just a variation of the Silisponge? NO!! The 3D Silicone Blender is completely revolutionary and totally different.
Let's breakdown the differences below:
1. The Shape:
Silisponges can come in different shape cut-outs but are always FLAT. They are hard to hold and feel like you are just slapping product against your face. The Silicone Blender, on the other hand, has a sophisticated, multi-dimensional 3D raindrop shape designed to fit in the hand ergonomically and allow you to achieve a flawless makeup application. The rounded base and curved sides can be used to cover larger areas of the face and the precision tip is perfect for getting into the delicate eye contour area, and around the nose and chin. The result is always an effortless and beautiful application of makeup. 
 2. The Material
Silisponges are also made from silicone, like the Silicone Blender but the surface of Silisponges are lined with a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film. The 3D Silicone Blender is NOT lined with TPU and is made of 100% medical grade silicone. The difference in application is night and day and just can not be compared. The innovative texture of the 3D Silicone Blender has a firmness that is just right and not only applies makeup professionally, it feels great against the skin. The TPU surface of silisponges sometimes creates a sensation that the product is being “slapped on”

Go ahead and do your skin right and experience the difference yourself!