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Original 3D Silicone Blender - Silver

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Original 3D Silicone Blender - Silver

Flawless Finish

The revolutionary new 3D Silicone Blender is the latest innovation in the beauty industry. Made of medical grade silicone, this tool is the secret to achieving flawless coverage and an airbrush like finish.

The 3DSilicone Blender was not designed to mimic the results of the traditional makeup sponge, but to provide results that are superior. 

Unique Shape

The Precision Tip ensures effortless coverage all over the face. The pointed tip will leave no corner uncovered. Get under the eye and around the nose for a flawless look.

Apply cream highlight, contour, and blush with the long smooth edge for precise application.

Innovative New Silicone Texture (non-tacky surface)

Unlike other Silicone makeup applicators on the market, the 3D Silicone Blender is designed to be non-tacky and non-porous. Other Silicone Applicators that are tacky and porous lead to the applicator removing the product from the skin making coverage sparse and ultimately leading to patchiness and streaking. 

The 3D Silicone Blender's innovative new silicone texture provides the perfect firmness for use with primers, foundations, cream blushes, bb/cc cream, cushion foundation, concealer, contouring cream, and much more. 

Most Hygienic Makeup Applicator

The 3D Silicone Blender is made of a medical grade silicone making it the most hygienic makeup tool on the market. 

Re-useable and easy to clean

Enjoy your 3D Silicone Blender over and over again. Just wash with soap and water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Clean up only takes a few short moments. No special cleansers required. Great for make-up artists with multiple clients.

 No Product Waste

This waterproof and pore-less applicator ensures zero product waste. Since none of your product will be absorbed into the blender, you will be using a lot less and saving a lot more.

Never Tested on Animals

Silicone Blender is a Cruelty Free organization and will NEVER perform any animal testing.